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Signs Of A Dying Tree

How do you know when the tree in your front yard is dying or even dead? Things like wind, rain, and extreme heat or cold are some of the many factors that can affect the health of your trees.  Here are some things to look for to see if your tree is dying or in poor health.


Dead Wood: Dead wood looks very dry and can break easily in the wind.  If the tree is large enough it can cause sever damage to whatever is underneath it.


Cracks: If you see deep cracks running through the bark of your tree, it is usually a sign that your tree is beginning to fall.


Decay: Decay is hard to detect because it begins inside and works its way out. Signs that indicate that your tree is decaying are soft easily breakable wood or fungi like mushrooms growing on the tree.


Weak Branch Unions: Weak branch unions are areas where branches are insecurely attached to the tree. This happens when two branches grow closely together and bark grows between them. The bark isn't as strong as wood, and it weakens the union of the branches.


Poor Tree Architecture: Poor tree architecture means an uneven growth pattern. This is usually caused by years of damage from storms or improper pruning.


All of these are warning signs that you might have a dying tree. If you think your trees exhibit these traits and you would like to save the health of your tree you should call an arborist who will be able to offer an expert opinion on your trees health.