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Tips For Keeping Your Lawn Healthy Throughout The Spring And Summer

Spring and summer marks the beginning of the battle to keep your lawn healthy and green.  Many people end up losing this battle and ultimately the war and are forced to wave the white flag to their brown lawns that are filled with weeds.  Here are five tips to keep your lawn a cut above all the rest this year!


1. When fertilizing don’t over due it. If you end up with excess lawn care product, seal the bag and store it in the garage for the next time.


2. An established lawn doesn't need much phosphate.  Use low phosphate fertilizer products, unless you are starting grass from seed. Always use lawn fertilizers with slow-release nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn. 

3.  When maintaining the turf area at two inches, ideally it should be mowed when it reaches 3 to 3 ½ inches.

4.  A few insects will not damage your lawn.  Use insecticides only when damaged areas appear and then only in the vicinity of that damage.


5.  If you want to keep the lawn green, water deeply but infrequently. It is better to run the sprinkler for an hour once every week or two than for 10 minutes every day. Think of it this way: you always want to encourage roots to grow deep.  If the soil is dry below the roots, they won't go down.